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Catalysing social Entrepreneurship
for a more equitable world​

Community Empowerment

By providing education, healthcare, and economic opportunities, they equip residents with the means to improve their lives and foster a stronger, self-reliant community.

Climate Change

Promoting eco-friendly practices, and community awareness to mitigate environmental challenges, safeguarding the region's future.

Social Inclusion

Creating equal opportunities for marginalized communities. Through employment, and awareness programs, to empower individuals and foster a more inclusive society.
About us


ALSiSAR Impact Social Ventures Foundation is a pioneer in building investable, scalable and transformational light-house social enterprises in the underserved geographies and communities of South Asia by focusing on economic resilience and social inclusion of the local population driven by the ethos of place-based ecosystem development and a founder-first approach to catalyse issues of climate change, livelihood generation, skill development and peace building.


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